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Girls team & Recreational Programs

Zero Gravity Pre-Team

Our pre-team is a developmental team for ages five and up. It is an invitational only program, which means the gymnast would have to be recommended by their coach and, then, evaluated by our head coach. If they are chosen, they will either be one our Twinklers or Rising Stars. The Twinklers are gymnasts ages 5-7 years old, and the Rising Stars are gymnasts ages 8 and up. All of our pre-team gymnasts are required to attend class at least twice-a-week for a two-hour workout. We do offer the class three times-a-week for them to choose.

The goal for our pre-team gymnasts is to prepare them physically and mentally for our competitive team. We focus on strengthening their muscles and working on their flexibility, as well as building a strong foundation on all of their gymnastics skills. The technique and execution of these skills is what these girls will learn, so they will be ready to perform them correctly in a routine once they move up onto the competitive team.

Girls Competitive Teamgrips crossed

The Zero Gravity girls competitive team is comprised of gymnasts who are members of USA Gymnastics and compete all over NY State. These girls perform routines and skills created by our national governing body, USA Gymnastics (USAG). They are divided into different levels of gymnastics starting at level 1 and reaching to level 10. We also train all the Xcel levels of the USAG. Our gymnasts begin competing at Level 2 and then progress up into the higher levels as their strength and skill level progresses.

Our goal for all of our team gymnasts is to guide and train them to reach their personal best. The coaching staff teaches these young ladies to strive to become better gymnasts every time they are in the gym. They encourage them to work hard and face challenges in a positive and inspiring way. Our hope is for all of our gymnasts to feel successful and overcome hardships to help them grow and develop into confident young adults.

Zero Gravity Recreational Gymnastics

The recreation program is for boys and girls ages 5 and up. All of our classes are divided by 3 different age groups. They are 5-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds, and 10 years old and up. All of the classes are either all boys or all girls.

All of our coaches follow our fun and instructional lesson plan for all of the classes. These lesson plans are designed to allow every child to learn gymnastics skills safely and have fun while they learn them. The skill progressions taught are based on the instructional guidelines set by our national governing body USA Gymnastics (USAG).   Each lesson plan is two weeks long, and in that two weeks the gymnasts will get to work on all the apparatuses in the gym (i.e. floor, bars, trampoline, etc.) We incorporate fun themes into our lesson plans too. Such as “Jump Rope Weeks,” “Hula Hoop Weeks,” and “Backwards Weeks,” just to name a few.

No matter what the skill level of the child they will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and ability. Our staff is trained to coach all the different skill levels and can break down each skill in order for every child to feel successful and learn their skills safely.